The need for a local unit of government responsible for water management and water development was recognized when legislation for water conversation districts was first enacted in 1935.  The laws remained virtually unchanged until 1957, when the Legislature enacted a comprehensive reform of water management statutes.  In 1973, the Legislature made the decision that all land in North Dakota should be in a water resource district.  Finally, in 1981, a second comprehensive reform of water management laws was enacted by the Legislature.  The powers and authorities of water resource districts were expanded and several other significant changes were designed to improve the effectiveness of water resource districts.


The Richland County Water Resource District is managed by a Board consisting of five members appointed by the Richland County Commission.  Board Members are appointed to three year terms.


Duties of the Water Resource Board are to do all things reasonably necessary and proper to preserve the benefits to be derived from conservation, control, and regulation of the water resources of North Dakota.  This Board is involved with establishment, construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of legal drains; establishment and management of benefit assessment districts for the legal drains; and maintenance of natural waterways (i.e. Antelope Creek, Wild Rice River, and Sheyenne River).  The Board manages culvert, ditching, and drain tile permits, which are required before work is undertaken.


The Richland County Water Resource District Office is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  Richland County Water Resource Board meetings are held Tuesday mornings in the District Office.  Please contact the Office if you wish to meet with the Board.


Richland County Water Resource Board Members       

Gary Friskop, Chairman         701-642-2378                        

Arv Burvee, Vice Chairman    701-474-5853      

James Haugen                       701-439-2662

Don Moffet                            701-274-8253

Robert Rostad                       701-998-2276

Office Staff

Monica Zentgraf, Secretary-Treasurer
Richland County Water Resource District
418 2nd Avenue North
Wahpeton, ND 58075

Justin Johnson, Engineering Technician
Richland County Water Resource District
418 2nd Avenue North
Wahpeton, ND 58075


Other Resources

Richland County Water Resource District Legal Drain Map
ND State Water Commission
ND Department of Transportation
US Army Corps of Engineers
Red River Basin Commission Lidar Website
Richland County Interactive Mapping Service

Application Process: Please contact the Office for application forms.

(Note- Call #811 before you dig and call your electric utility company regarding overhead power lines.)




Harvest 10% Overweight Permit Application

Transportation Permits                    (All permits may be faxed, emailed or dropped directly to the Highway Dept., Main Office)

Mowing Deadline-October 1, 2020

State Drain Tile Application


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Recurring Events:

County Commission Meets the 1st and 3rd  Tuesday @ 8am
Water Resource Meets every Tuesday @ 8am

2020 Holiday Schedule

Recent Meeting Minutes

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