The county auditor is by statute the chief financial officer of the county, the elections administrator, the property tax administrator, and the executive secretary to the board of county commissioners.  Duties of the county auditor include but are not limited to the following:

  • oversees all fiscal activities of the county.


  • administers all state and county elections held in the county. Primary election and general elections are held in every even-numbered year.   In conjunction with the primary election, the county auditor also administers the city and park district elections for cities within the county.  View election results


  • oversees the maintenance of the property tax system, computation of mill levies, preparation of property tax bills, distributing taxes collected to the various subdivisions of the county, and collection of delinquent taxes.


  • attests to official actions of the county commission and oversees the preparation of minutes of county commission meetings and other committee and appointed board meetings.




Ditch Mowing Deadline-October 1, 2023

Spring Load Restrictions Lifted May 30, 2023

County Road 1 Year-Round Restriction Map

Transportation Permits available online through LoadPass Permits:

State Drain Tile Application 80 Acres or Greater

State Drain Tile Notification Less Than 80 Acres

Recurring Events:

County Commission Meets the 1st and 3rd  Tuesday @ 8am
Water Resource Meets every Tuesday @ 8am

Recent Meeting Minutes

Click here to view all recent and historical Meeting Minutes