Richland County Communications/911 center is a combined PSAP which means we dispatch for Police, Fire and EMS agencies in Richland County.

Richland County Communications /911 implemented E911 in 1990. E911 stands for enhanced 911, giving callers name, address, phone number, and responder information. In 199 the Communications Center received another update with Computerized Telephone System, Geo Comm Mapping, and new dispatch console furniture in 2000, Richland County Communications implemented new Computer Aided Dispatch System and Records Management software called Computer Information System.In 2004, we upgraded our E911 phone system to touch screen and Phase II compliant. Phase II consists of the latitude and longitude of the wireless call.

2004-2005 was a busy year as remodeling started in December of 2004 and was not completed until May 2005. During the remodel we also added a new radio system and updated to a new mapping system. The fall of 2005 brought a new addition as we added Reverse 9-1-1. Reverse 9-1-1 is an early notification system that sends calls to citizens within Richland County to warn them of missing persons, Hazmats, the need to shelter in place, and other emergency situations. 

The Camera system was upgraded beginning in 2006 with a new DVR colored/recording camera system throughout the LEC and the Richland County Courthouse.

Starting in 2010, Reverse 9-1-1 was replaced by Code RED. When switching to Code RED early notification system we were able to add the Code RED Weather Warning System that allows the citizens of Richland County to sign up for automatic weather notification systems. 

With the progression of technology in the 9-1-1 field, a joint powers agreement (JPA) was signed between Richland County, Wahpeton, ND and Stutsman County, Jamestown, ND. This JPA will allow Stutsman and Richland to share back room equipment and eventually assist each other in dispatching services. The first piece of equipment the two counties purchased was installed in December, 2012. The counties purchased the Patriot system; a Cassidian software. Server A sits in Richland County while Server B sits in Stutsman County. Server A and Server B are connected through a WAN connection. Barnes County, Valley City, ND joined the JPA in April, 2013, making them a remote site of the Patriot system connected via a WAN connection. 

Our Mission Statement

We will never lose sight of the fact that the citizens of Richland County entrust their safety and well-being to our care to dispatch the appropriate responder and maintain accurate, efficient, and safely protect their families, properties, and welfare at all times.