Statement of Purpose

Richland County Geographic Information System (GIS) collects maintains and uses location based information to support decision making processes and enhanced public access to data.

Mission Statement

Precise location based information promotes fact-based decision making for both day-to-day operational needs and long range planning to benefit citizens of this county.  GIS also enables elected officials, department heads, county employees, public and private agencies and citizens of Richland County to graphically view and analyze information, and apply GIS technology to issues. 


  • Provide enhanced 911 support to county emergency services personnel by creating and maintaining E911 map layers for the Computer Automated Dispatch system
  • Facilitate emergency response planning and action
  • Develop and maintain public Interactive web-based access to geographic Information.  Web page address:  Data Download portal:
  • Provide county commissioners, administrators, and planners a cost-effective means for coordinating, sharing and disseminating location based information and graphic and data analysis tools for decision making and presentations
  • Enhance communication among local, regional, state and federal government agencies, as well as utilities, businesses and industries through cooperation and data integration
  • Promote increased awareness about GIS technology and applications to the public and private agencies
  • Coordinate the development of GIS databases within Richland County departments to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency
  • Provide technical assistance for any Richland County projects
  • Update and maintain Richland County’s cadastral base map
  • Collect GPS coordinate information for Public Land Survey System (PLSS) section corners and quarter corners to increase accuracy of existing GIS layer
  • To create and maintain GIS data standards for Richland County



Ditch Mowing Deadline-October 1, 2023

Spring Load Restrictions Lifted May 30, 2023

County Road 1 Year-Round Restriction Map

Transportation Permits available online through LoadPass Permits:

State Drain Tile Application 80 Acres or Greater

State Drain Tile Notification Less Than 80 Acres

Recurring Events:

County Commission Meets the 1st and 3rd  Tuesday @ 8am
Water Resource Meets every Tuesday @ 8am

Recent Meeting Minutes

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