Richland County Jobs Development Authority

The Richland County Jobs Development Authority (RCJDA) was established in 1991 by the Richland County Commission.  The organization’s mission is to assist in developing the economy of Richland County, North Dakota, primarily through lending to new and expanding business, supporting business research and development, providing technical assistance and participating in development of needed infrastructure.  The objectives of these efforts are a more diversified economy, new jobs and creation of new wealth in the county.  Since 1991, the RCJDA has provided over $2.6 million to business and economic development projects.

The RCJDA is supported by a rural property tax levy and loan repayments and is managed by an eleven member board of directors.  Loans to businesses are made from the Charles Klosterman Loan Fund, a revolving fund that provides flexible financing to qualified borrowers in participation with other lenders.

Since 1996 the RCJDA has contracted with the Lake Agassiz Regional Council, a 6-county regional economic development organization, for administrative services.

Richland County JDA meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.  Please contact Amber for location. 

The Charles Klosterman Loan Fund

The Charles Klosterman Loan Fund, named for the late Charles Klosterman, first Chairman of the RCJDA, is a revolving loan fund supported by a levy on rural property in Richland County and by principal and interest repayments to the fund.  Through December 31, 2014 the Fund had made 93 loans to new and expanding businesses in Richland County and had a current portfolio of 28 active loans.

The fund is a source of flexible financing that can help induce bank participation, spread risk and in general, encourage and broaden the willingness of funding sources to participate in development projects. 

Although funds are limited, the Fund has played an active role in start-up and expansion of small manufacturers and in recent years has strongly supported the rural community retail sector, particularly transfers of ownership to a new generation of proprietors.  RCJDA also participates in feasibility studies important to the expansion of value added manufacturing and processing and assists in preparing proposals for new industry location.

The fund continues to seek new projects.  A fillable application can be found on this web page.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting RCJDA via phone, letter or e-mail.  

RCJDA Board Members

Arnie Althoff                      701-242-7802
Arnold Anderson               701-640-0637
Merlin Beto                       701-671-1555
Bob Bottchen                    701-899-3359
Steve Gunness                  701-640-0058
Nathan Berseth                 701-388-3549
Bob Fust                           701-640-6820
Dwight Boucher                701-242-7154
Kevin Paczkowski             701-640-0294
Dan Thompson                 701-640-4857
Bill Berlin                          701-892-4565

Office Staff

Amber Schaan
Lake Agassiz Regional Council
417 Main Ave
Fargo, ND 58103

Loan Application

Application Form

Other Business Resources

Justin Neppl
ND Small Business Development Center

Lake Agassiz Development Group


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Transportation Permits
(All permits may be faxed, emailed or dropped directly to the Highway Dept., Main Office)

Recurring Events:

County Commission Meets the 1st and 3rd  Tuesday @ 8am
Water Resource Meets every Tuesday @ 8am

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